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Often weapons are photoshopped on to pictures of Brigham Young (and sometimes other church leaders). The movement fights any negative speaking of church prophets, past or present. Though most posters use #DezNat to share scriptures, sayings and inspiring quotes, some deploy refashioned alt-right memes to rebut, revile and, yes, mock their religious foes. J.P. Bellum Critics of #DezNat appear to make various claims: 1)#DezNat people are often rude and sometimes use vulgar language. 2)#DezNat people are homophobic, sexist, encourage death threats, etc. 3)#DezNat people are alt-right.

Deznat memes

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While all kinds of insults have been lobbed at DezNat from progressive and liberal groups, DezNat claims that they are not a social, sexual, or political group. Pioneer47 Memes is objectively funnier than Deznat, Part II. 4. 0 comments. share. save.

The one that targets “edgy” members of the Church  https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2021/01/31/unholy-war-deznat-troops/ I some deploy refashioned alt-right memes to rebut, revile and, yes,  Saw this quote and it reminded me of DezNat.

Daniel Sandelin @DanielSandelin7 Twitter

This is seen in the memes they  Seite. your password Humor/Memes. "H O S S DezNat News Man" "Deseret Boi" (@deseret_boi) (account suspended) "Robert" (@MormonLibsLMAO)  16 Sep 2020 A video that President Trump posted on Twitter on Thursday, from a meme creator, had been altered to appear as if CNN had broadcast it.

How abortion and the Supreme Court might affect Latter-day Saint

report. 7. Posted by 4 days ago. To the extent your faith imparts such a vision and feeds your resolve to rise above, I’ll happily offer an Amen. 7.

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5)#DezNat people sometimes go overboard and use some of the same tactics as the anti-Mormons they dislike.

and because they borrow the alt-right’s tactics: lots of memes, lots of Pepes, lots of “ironic” offensiveness. My personal view of #DezNat is that we should call out false doctrine, not sinners who are struggling. I believe that most have actually done a good job with that, despite some failings.
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‎Mormon Land: A deeper look at #DezNat tweeters Episode 167 i

But Daily Beast set the narrative and then liberals ran with it, so now it’s considered a racist hashtag.